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I did not want to practice yoga. I did all my best to try to avoid it. I just   wanted to be a bright star, the brightest! I had my own plans for my life. I remember when a yoga practitioner and a great piano player told me yoga will be good for me, that I should give it a try, that it will help me to stay calm and focused and…

My dear, I said, I am an artist. I think I don´t want to stay calm and focused…
Some years later, lost in the middle of my life, like the old Dante said, I was looking for my old friend advice, who was living in California.

-What should I do, my dear? The world is giving me so much pain, that i don´t know how can I even breath…

Maybe this story is familiar to you. Maybe you had already some plans for your life and maybe you found yourself lost somehow one day, everything falling apart in the middle of a long dark night. And one day you are here visiting this page, reading this text written by someone that you don´t know but that you seems to know because he is talking about… your own life!

Yoga tells us that there is no separation between you and me, between you and the Universe. In fact, yoga means union. And there we go then to the core of life; how do you want to have your own plans apart from everything? Is like trying to play soccer when you are in a basket game. Just won´t be a good idea. You are part of the team of Universe and yoga is like the trainer to join that big team.

So, you want to try? If you join the Universe Team, you will be playing at the big league. Your mates will be great men and women, great beings from all the existence. And the big thing about it, you will become as great as they are. You will be a top player because, listen, you already are…

That is another key about yoga. Yoga is not going to give nothing that you are not already. You are already that beautiful and incredible being. Yoga is just going to show you that.
Javier Salinas | Yoga teacher barcelona

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