About my Yoga practice

I understand the yoga practice as a travel to best place of the universe. When you sit on your yoga mat it’s like sitting in the best first class plane. Or on the latest model of a flying carpet that will take you wherever your paradise is.

It´s very simple. You jump into the practice and suddenly you start feeling that you are doing something that is so good for you.

Of course, a travel to that beautiful place it will take some time to arrive. But you will feel so good while traveling that you will even forget about reaching anywhere.

While developing your practice you will find this quite funny. On one side, you are traveling with your yoga mat, doing strange poses while you’re sweating and wrenching your limbs. On the other hand, you start realizing that your destiny is inside of you…

You will be traveling at the same time through the Infinite and through your heart; because, you will realize that, it´s all the same.

You are the most distant galaxy, and you are the closest heart, and all the space between them.


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