Astral poems

The river of life
Standing by the sea
Looking for a shadow



Inner wood

Inside or your heart there is a forest full of ways,
alive with happiness and -of course- with a couple of pains.
Inside live stars, love, hate.
Fire and regret, nights and a brand new day.
Walk throug that wood and look at the birds,
and be thankful for every little plant,
for every tear, for every rain.


Something is coming

Something is coming my friend.
Good or bad,
you will now it at the end.
Something is coming my friend,
Stars falling apart, rockets touching your heart.
Something is coming my friend.
It won´t be no good no bad,
It will make you cry or laugh.
What will be, will be, qué será, será!
Something is coming…


The less the more

The less I want to write the more I do it.
The less I want to practice yoga the more I do it.
And the less I want to love the more I do it.


How to be a tree

How to be a tree, where to put my hands.
Until where my feet into the earth. How to feel the
birds breathing until death.
How a to be a tree and be quietness in the wind, and,
under the rain, be steady, and confident.
How to be a tree without name, that remains and stays,
while we pass away.


Summer is always coming

Summer is always coming,
at the middle of your chest.
Even if a typhoon comes suddenly
and nothing remains at place.
Summer is always coming,
on and on my friend.
Right there where you think you suffer,
where nothing seems to be well.
Summer is always coming,
at the middle of your chest.
Let the deep sun shine forever,
and the Divine will do the rest.


Islands of light

There are islands of light, everywhere. Under you bed,
under your head.
There are islands of light, when everything is falling, in the middle
of the big sinking, in the middle of the dessert.
There are islands of light, falling over the forest, spliting very
smoothly, singing to you canciones.


It´s raining light

It´s raining light in this quite night.
Raining light the whole time.
Raining non stop through your eyes.
It´s raining light for a week, for one thousand years,
for a eternity.
It´s raining light with no end, all the time,
all the play, all the game.
Cats and dogs of light, it speaks, sings, draws love, stars.
It flows.
Comes from you the light, from you the sun, from you
the morning and the night. From you rains so much light,
so much love, so much life. Let the light rain over you.
Do not cover, let you shine.


Souls and hearts

Souls are made for facing the sun,
hearts are made for facing the stars.
As the rivers go to the see, let your soul
flow to your heart.
Tune with every way to the light,
like a little seed that looks for the
Souls are made for facing the stars,
hearts are made for facing the sun.



Who does not have a broken heart,
or who has not broken some.
The play goes like this, the river
flows to the sea.
The trees walk through the earth,
The birds -well- they sing.
If you have a love, take care of it.
And if you don´t, just wait and see.



Put yourself to love 

Put yourself to love,
work towards the offering.
Kneel down and tide up.
The Beloved is about to come.
Prepare the dinner,
light the candles and the inciense.
The Beloved is about to come.
Always comes and in you celebrates.


May you be light

May the light be with you,
may the waves of love enrich your life.
May the dark time give you strength,
may your tears water your plants.
May the music go along with you,
turning the pain into joy.
May you be light,
may you be joy,
May you be water,
may you be shadow and light.
May you be peace,
and harmony.
May you be one with me, sister and brother,
and one into All.


Nothing apart 

People come and go, they make you cry or laugh.
Someone gives you love, someone breaks your heart.
And at the end they are all you, nothing is apart.
You come and go, you make you cry or laugh.
Sometimes you give you love, sometimes you break your heart.



Seeds of seas 

Tell them to shoot at night, when the sharks are up
and the dreams are high, tell them to wait for me
till the end of time, when the snow is sweet.
Tell them that I am here, with my hands so dark
and my heart so clean. When my blood is cold,
but my dreams are big.
Tell them that I am not gone, that I am here,
That the time will pass but I will sing.
Tell them to stop the fire, to plant the seeds
of a big new world full of love new seas.



The Master said

My name is no name,
and my body is nobody.
When you call me I am not there,
and when you touch me you touch the air.
My name is no name.
and my body is nobody.
When you love you love yourself.
and when you hate that´s what you get.
My name is no name,
and my body is nobody.
If you wanna be happy and free,
just be like me.



Gold now

Stop being the watcher of your own life, because your life is not far.
Not a coast waiting for you, shining over the waves, as if it had been brushed with the most expensive product.
No gold waiting for you, no soft rivers.
Go down gently –with a little pain- from the watcher post up there,
between the laughs of the ones surrounding you.
The poet is done. He noticed it now. No space for dreams here in this ship.
And then and there feel yourself reaching your own life, not far and not near,
no jail, no half island with some cheap treasure left behind by some survivor.
Nothing is waiting for you in your tomorrow.
Everything already came to you, so long ago.
Right there, besides you, there is a blind old sailor, who tells you about it.



Master and commander

Be the Master of your life, keep high that sunrise,
if you wanna have some clouds,
put a couple –but that is enough-.
Then may be an amount of trees, with that green color that you like the most.
For your mornings I recommend -definitely- good humor and some
fruits, and I couple of movements to get ready for the day.
And for the evenings, I would say, peace and a glass or two of that not expensive wine that you find all over where you live.
Be the Master of your life, turn to the left or move towards the stars,
cause all the things that are around you,
are not but the set of the play that you write.



Staying while going

I had a love and it made me grow.
And what better could you say about a love.
I had once a love and it made me grow.
And when it went away it didn´t go.


The man said

I had a ring, i lost it.
I had a house, i lost it.
I had a name, oh yes, i lost it
I had a future, yes, that i lost it too.
All that remains now 
is a man like anyone else.
Not special in any sense.
An average man in the middle of the woods of life.
Walking with no big expectations, lying on the sun,
eating some salad at lunch.
With the heart destroyed in a couple of senses,
but somehow still beating.


Being nothing is the new everything 

Do you dare to be nothing,
Do you dare to be no one?
Dare you, cause I tell you:
Being nothing
is the new everything.


Hidden light

Light is coming through the forest,
Light is coming through the rain,
Light is coming through the winter
Light is coming through the pain.


Dance it all

Listen now to your heart,
how he sings his timeless song.
how he plays that beautiful tune,
even when times are cold.

Listen now to your soul,
How she dances at the dancing floor,
how she shares all her joy,
even if the grey is the new gold.

Let you be your heart,
let you be your soul.
Let you sing your song,
let you dance it all.


If life

If life hits you strong, -let´s say very strong- and she is gonna do it,
let her take you down, like if you were a little leaf lighter than your breath.
If life hits you mad, -let´s say madly enough to make you cry-
Let her think she is winning, give her at lest that one, let her squeez you like an orange, roll you down like a sushi piece.
But then rise up my friend, clean the dust from your clothes, find where your smile is
again, and keep on being thankful, for the adventure, for the grace.


Let it be

Catch the beauty, let her go.
Remember beauty, forget her though.
Catch the beauty, let her go.
Cause only what it´s not yours,
Will remain, bro.


Forever your heart

I love to share, oh my Beloved, the little peace I have.
And the light that comes difficulty from my heart.
I love to share my little wisdom,
my little tricks to make you smile.
I love to share my old fashioned optimism
or when I find a shortcut to your heart.
I love to share the beauty that I find through the windows
of my tired eyes, and that old song that I keep singing
all the time.
But what I like to share most, my Beloved, is all that I don´t know.
All the light that escapes to me, my hard times,
and my lonely nights, so you may smile at me,
and put your light into me,
and find the way to my heart and make me
forever your heart.


The vagabond poet said

I am looking for gold in the wrong places,
and I have too many keys.
My hair is getting grey 
for moments,
and my heart is like a dead blue sea.
When will I learn?
When will I see?
Meanwhile I pray to God every morning,
and I write poems like this.


Happiness is not a box

Happiness is not a box, that you can fill with
your thoughts.
Happiness is not a silver ring, a golden sea.
Happiness is not.
Happines is not –said the wise- anything you can see,
anything you can taste, anything you can hold.
Happiness is not a box -said the pirate- so take your treasures out of it,
and share them with the world.
And one day you will see,
happiness will be just all.