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Yoga for SENIORS

The video tutorial Yoga for SENIORS consists of two videos with simple exercises for the specific needs of seniors, older adults or people who are not used to move their body. It’s never too late to start! Click on the image to get to the videos.

yoga for seniors | tutorial 1 by javier salinas yoga for seniors | tutorial 2 by javier salinas


The video tutorial Yoga for BEGINNERS shows you some of the basic movements and poses to begin to get familiar with the practice and to begin to start moving your body, your energy and your mind.

Yoga for BEGINNERS | Video Tutorial by Javier Salinas


Yoga AGAINTS DEPRESSION. Open your heart

I decided to do this video to help people who is passing a hard time. If you are or have been there, you know what i mean. If the heart is closed the world seems to be a very narrow space, that´s why a dedicate this practice to open your beautiful heart. Allow yourself to be the most beautiful place in the Universe.

Ilumination through humor

Sometimes in your spiritual process you just need a good kick and chill out. Humor is the key of love.
A veces en tu proceso espiritual solo necesitas un poco determinación y de relax. El humor es la llave del amor.

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